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Blockchain Technology Definition

Our training is for those who have little to no Blockchain Knowledge and want to know how Blockchain is used in practice, C2C, B2C or B2B. Understand the workflow and apply it to any business case.

Smart Contract by Example and Labs

What are Smart Contracts: Definition and Use Cases. Learn in labs how Smart Contracts are written, what are common attacks, how to deploy and debug smart contracts.

Blockchain Apps for Consumer and Enterprises

In Ethereum dApp development tutorials you will learn to create Ethereum dApps. From Auction-dApps to Voting-dApps, or dApp-Games, you will become a successful Ethereum dApps Developer


Ethereum Blockchain Developer Training

Checkout our new Developer Training in your City and Online! You will learn in exclusive small classrooms, with experts at your disposal. Learn where and why Blockchains are used, how smart contracts are developed, tested and deployed from start to finish.

Online and On-Site classes available!
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Executive Blockchain Training

In our new Executive Blockchain Training you will learn how Blockchains are currently used and how they transform any business. With our unbiased training you get the overview you need to make the right choice for your business case!

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Why Us?

Blockchain Training since 2016!


Happy Students Worldwide

We trained over 120.000 Students worldwide. We produced the first Video Course Series and we are among the highest rated. Industry wide.


Positive Reviews as Feedback

We strive to produce only the highest quality content. Our Courses, both VOD and instructor-led, received Over 2500 5-Star reviews. Many with comments about the great learning effect.


4 Days Instead of Weeks

We jump-start your expertise and on-site staff. Instead of Weeks to learn a specific topic our curriculum is designed to bring you on the fast-lane without compromising anything.


Just Some Of The Latest Reviews

This is an excellent ALL IN ONE course for Ethereum Developers. Absolutely amazing content and very well organized and nicely presented too. Blockchain development is not just a software development as there are a lot of things which are important from a decentralization point of view. Hence it becomes very important to understand and clear out your core concepts at the very initial stage. I think this course is KEY here. This course not only focuses on providing answers but SOLUTIONS to all the challenges related to Ethereum Blockchain development. Ravinder and Thomas have MASTERY ON SOLVING MYSTERIES of Blockchain world. Bravo !!

Ravinder needs to be globally recognized as Cryptocurrency Expert & Best-seller Trainer. Love his patience, and his 1:1 interactions with students.

Brilliant tutors, easy to follow and take notes. As a beginner, I had to review several technical lectures, glad I did! A must "go to" in my learning curve portfolio. Thank you all!

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