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Privacy Policy

How and When we use your data

Privacy Policy

With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force on May 25th, 2018, we set some measures to ensure this site is fully GDPR compliant.

As this site is running out of Europe we want to make sure your data is safe with  us. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us via

What Data Do we Collect?

On our Website:

My Website is hosted on GitHub Pages. Github is owned by Microsoft and the website is served through the GitHub Infrastructure.


Our Newsletter is hosted by mailchimp. If you decide to signup through the signup-form provided on every Page then you have to douple-opt-in. This means you signup, you get a confirmation email and then you have to click a link inside to actually enable the newsletter.

Mailchimp is fully GDPR compliant and we have filed for a DPA, as we are the data collector and Mailchimp is the Data Processor.

Your IP Address

When browsing our site your IP Address is transferred and logged. This happens automatically via GitHub sites.

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