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Ethereum Blockchain Training for Developers

Become A Successful Blockchain Developer!
Build Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions.

Microsoft and EY automate processes with Ethereum.

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  • FOR DEVELOPERS - The course is ideal for developers who want to learn how business processes can be developed on and benefit from the Blockchain. 
  • FOR BUSINESSES - If your business is looking for blockchain talent then this course is ideal to build up inhouse knowledge first.
  • LABS, PROJECTS AND THEORY - Understand the theory in easy to follow labs and projects. Experts are ready to answer any questions throughout the course.

Develop Smart Contracts

Learn how to write secure smart contracts using Solidity on the Ethereum Blockchain. From prototyping to unit testing, debugging to deployment. Understand the EVM on a high- and low-level and write smart contracts using the latest best practices.

Frameworks and Teams

Lean how Frameworks like Truffle are beneficial for Teams and make scripted deployment and testing cycles a breeze. Understand the benefits of Developer Blockchains such as Ganache and use them the right way within your networks management.

Build Blockchain DApps

Understand how Web3 works from transaction to fully featured single page decentralized application. Learn to utilize Infrastructure providers such as Infura and add-ons like MetaMask to create, deploy and interact with DApps.

Quick Overview

1. Learn how and why the Blockchain will transform any busines

2. Understand use-cases and benefits: Blockchain for Supply Chains, FinTech, Tokens and IoT

3. Learn the latest in Architecture, Development and Deployment of Smart Contracts on Ethereum

4. Understand and work with Public and Private Permissioned Blockchains 

5. Use, configure and apply the IMPAKT-Stack, the future of Enterprise Tooling

6. Become ThinkingAssets Certified

Course Overview

The course is a technical course suitable for developers, system architects and technical management. 

It is necessary to bring basic programming knowledge, such as JavaScript, Java or any other Object Oriented Programming Language.

DAY 1 - Blockchain History and Basics
What is a Blockchain?
What is immutability?
What are Blocks, Transaction and State?
Centralized and Decentralized Systems pro/contra
What are Smart Contracts
Examples of Smart Contract usages
Public Permissionless vs. Private Permissioned Blockchains
Hashing, Private Public Key Cryptography

DAY 1 - Blockchains for Enterprises
3P Considerations - Privacy, Permissioning, Performance
Private and Consortium Blockchains
Understanding the Ethereum Enterprise Stack
Blockchain as a Service
Ethereum vs. Hyperledger vs. Corda

DAY 1 - Smart Contract Development
Solidity and Remix Basics
Variables and Datatypes such as Uint/Int, Bool, Mappings, Structs, Enum, ...
Functions and the Constructor
Events and Return Variables
Smart Contract Life-Cycle from Deployment to Selfdestruct
Exception Handling: Require, Assert and Revert
Writing Transactions vs Reading Calls
View and Pure Functions

DAY 2 - Decentralized Information on Public Permissionless Blockchains
Blockchain Access Architecture: Local Node vs Hosted Nodes
Private Public Key Cryptography and Signature
Privacy on the Ethereum Blockchain
Main, Test and Private Networks
Apply and Understand Web3.js
Working with MetaMask and Infura

DAY 2 - Ethereum Blockchain Specifics
Ether Denominations
Gas and Gas Cost Calculations
Debugging on the Ethereum Blockchain
Understanding the ABI Array
Mining, Proof of Work, Proof of Authority

DAY 3 - Ethereum Framework Truffle
Understanding, Configuring and Installing Truffle
Configuring and Adding Migrations
Creating and Running Unit-Tests
Understanding Ganache and Truffle Developer Console
Working with Truffle Boxes
Truffle-Contract vs. Web3.js
Deployment & Team Strategies

DAY 3 - Smart Contract Security and Best Practices
Understanding Attack Vectors
Re-Entrancy Attack
Timestamp Dependence
Integer Overflow and Underflow
DoS on Smart Contracts
Forcibly Sending Ether to a Contract
Security Best Practices and Guidelines

DAY 4 - Tokens, ICOs and STOs
Understand the ERC20 and ERC721 Token
Undestand the moving parts of ICOs
Be able to implement you own Tokens
Understand the difference between ICOs and STOs

DAY 4 - Final Project and Review
The final project takes place on the last day.

Key differences from traditional certifications:

* Project based certification - Instructors take the time to (1) provide feedback and (2) lessons learned are applied immediately.

* Cannot be obtained otherwise - ThinkingAssets certifications can only be obtained through a classroom attendance.

* A unique Token on the Ethereum Blockchain will represent a valid certification.

* Being ThinkingAssets certified means you showed knowledge of industry standard workflows for development, testing, deployment of secure smart contracts and DApps suitable for teams.

What you will get:

1. Access to industry experts as instructors during the class

2. Access to course slides before and after the training

3. In-Depth Knowledge of Blockchains and the Ethereum Ecosystem, Tooling and Workflows

4. ThinkingAssets Certification as Etheruem Developer

5. In addition: Access to all on-demand video classes consisting of over 40h of video material for self-study

Target Audience:

1. IT-Professionals such as Application Developers, Web-Developers or Programmers who are new to the Blockchain Space

2. Security and Network Specialists or System Architects who are interested in the Infrastructure requirements for Blockchains and Smart Contracts

4. Students of technical studies or universities who want to provide additional industry knowledge to their students.

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